Privacy policy

At, we may use cookies to improve the display of our content. At any time you have the right to determine the conditions of storing or accessing your data by changing the settings of cookies in your browser.

This “Privacy Policy” serves to explain the purpose for which cookies may be used on websites managed by Pello Caffe Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Olivia Four, Grunwaldzka Avenue 472,
80-309 Gdańsk, and how the user has the right to determine the terms and conditions of using cookies. By using this website you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are information technology data, such as small-size text files, which are sent by the server of the website you visit and stored on the device you use when you browse the website. Cookies facilitate the use of websites whose content in the form of texts, photos as well as advertisements is better suited to the individual expectations of the user.

What do we gain from cookies?

Thanks to the information stored in cookies, we learn more about the preferences of our users, so we can improve our services by making them better suited to your needs.

Examples of the advantages of cookies:

  • They will record your visit on the website and the preferences you have chosen, such as language.
  • They help in delivering personalized content of the website.
  • They enable the use of accounts in the websites.
  • They allow you to skip the need to register every time you do so.
  • They allow you to make online purchases.

We may use cookies for these purposes:

  • Site Setup: to allow the setting of functions and services on the website.
  • Authentication: to enable reporting when a user is logged in, allowing the website to show relevant information and features.
  • Advertisements: to view ads that are of greater benefit to users.
  • Analyses and studies of user behavior: to read user preferences that help us understand how the users use the websites and to improve website structure and content, excluding the personal identification of the users.

What cookies can we use?

We may use several types of cookies on our websites:

  • Due to the length of time a cookie is placed on your device, we may use both session cookies (browser usage time) and files that are not deleted after you close your browser and remain on your device for a limited period of time or without a period of validity.
  • Due to the origin of the affiliates: we may use our own “cookies” as well as the third-party “cookies” from the entities we cooperate with, such as Google and from the entities implementing advertising campaigns for us. Since the operation of certain cookies from third parties may differ from that described in this policy, please refer to the information about these cookies available on our third parties’ websites: Google.
  • Because of your privacy intrusions: we may most often use cookies to enable the functionality of our site to function, the use of which does not involve tracking you. In addition, we also use cookies to track your behavior, but we do not collect information to identify personally identifiable information about you.

Management of cookies

The default settings of your browser will usually allow cookies to be placed on your device. In accordance with Article 173 paragraph 2 of the Telecommunications Law Act (Journal of Laws of 21 December 2012, item 1445), leaving such browser settings after receiving information about the cookies used on the website is tantamount to consenting to the use of cookies on the websites.

You can change your browser’s default settings at any time to avoid cookies being placed on your device. These settings may be changed to block the automatic use of cookies in your browser settings or to notify you when they are sent to your device. For detailed information on the possibilities and methods of using cookies, please refer to the settings of the software (web browser).

Please note that deleting or blocking cookies may result in certain sections of our website not functioning properly.

Collection of other data

We may also store data on our servers other than that obtained through the use of cookies. These data are primarily IP addresses from which users browse the content of our website. We may also store the time when your query arrives at our server, the name of your workstation, and the information about which browser you use. In addition, if you are redirected to our website from another website, we may collect information about the URL from which you were redirected.

Use of data

We store the collected data primarily in order to ensure the highest possible quality of website management. In addition, they are used to compile statistics on how users use our website. The data collected shall not be disclosed to third parties, except to legally authorized public authorities.