Pello Caffe is a brand created by Łukasz Pellowski

who continues the family craftsmanship traditions dating back to the 1920s.

Pello Caffe is an original project by Łukasz Pellowski

whose idea was to create coffee of craftsmanship quality, but at the same time easily accessible even in large quantities.

The aim is to give people the opportunity to taste coffee from the specialty segment, distinguished by its harmonious taste and incredible aroma. But Pello Caffe is not just a product. It is a new philosophy of coffee, which consists of both a unique process of creation and a unique offer for a business client.

Pello White Caffe

Pello White is made from the highest quality Brazilian Arabica beans (100%).

It is a sweet coffee with a mild taste, with a hint of bitter chocolate. It gives a harmonious and subtle beverage with a captivating scent.

Pello Blue

We offer Pello Blue coffee in an unmilled form,
in parcels weighing 1 kg.

Gdansk coffee over the centuries


The first coffee in Poland arrives at the port of Gdansk.
It is worth 12758 grzywnas, equivalent to 70 kg of silver.
It goes to the granary "Drzewko Kawowe". (Chmielna 55 Street)


The Council Regulation lists the first cafés among the local premises.
Antoni Momber sets up a café at 4 Słodowników Street.


Coffee and tea are taxed.
J.B. Frislich's "Cantata about Coffee" - earlier than J.S. Bach - is composed.


A poem is being written in honor of the "world-famous" Mombera Café. J. Bernoulli writes about Mombera Café: "is the best in Gdańsk and indeed, if the elegance of French cafés is not taken into account, one of the best I have seen".


Gdańsk inhabitants consume 18 kg of coffee per capita per year - more than today's Scandinavians.
Coffee imports reach 213,000 pounds per year.


A recipe for coffee in the oldest cookbook in Gdańsk.
There are 10 clubs serving coffee in the city center.


Coffee in at least 16 restaurants in Gdańsk.
W. Machwitz colonial shop in Wrzeszcz is the first to sell coffee brewed on the spot.


There are 22 coffee roasters in operation.
Pellowski company introduces freshly roasted coffee. Delicious!

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